Ebenezer the Donkey: A Real Fairy Tale Story
A new Ebenezer book as been put together as a PDF download. The book chronicles the journey of Ebenezer through his charmed life. This book is designed to be viewed by fans of all ages to get a concise, picture filled journey through his life.

You can view it as a PDF on your PC, iPhone, iPad or any number of eBook readers.

You can view it as a PDF on your PC, iPhone, iPad or any number of eBook readers.
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Painting via Joe Dimino Given to Shirley & Randy in His Barn

Media Day with Ebenezer - 12.28.11

A Day in the life of Ebenezer - Fall 2011


Ebenezer's Song - Posted 10.12.11
Dedicated to Mary Dawn Elven. She cared a lot about Ebenezer. When she would stop by she would ask "Is Ebenezer alright?". She would ask us this three or four times even after we would tell her that he was just fine. Mary Dawn passed away this year from a car accident. We think of her almost everyday. Mary Dawn wrote a little song for the kids at her school to sing during the Grandview Harry’s Hay Days parade. You can hear it at ebenezerthedonkey.com. And to Shirley Phillips who stopped by one day, after years of just driving by old Eb's place, because she noticed Ebenezer looked sick. Sure glad she did.

Ebenezer, Ebenezer, over hill and dell
Ebenezer, Ebenezer, I've got a tale to tell

I've been around o'er three decades there's been a lot to see.
I've met a lot of good ol folks they mean a lot to me.

Who would ever think that I'd be here so very long.
I've seen you since you were so young and still we carry on.

I've lent an ear and now it's time to share a word or two.
So sit right back and listen to my tale from me to you.

Ebenezer, Ebenezer, I'm up to face the day.
This donkey's life is so care free I greet you with a bray.

You talk to me, a few good treats and then you're on your way
I frolic with my friend the deer whenever they can play.

The sun goes down no ones around it's been a busy day
Some rubbed my ears and then they’d say you've really made my day.

Kids ran with glee, as they called to me here's a treat, come bray for me.
I graze the fields but loved the times you'd stop to visit me.

I traveled down the rode aways not knowing what I'd find.
You must have thought I'd seen enough, I'll explore another time.

We've chased each other back and forth oh what a joyous time.
And when you turned it was so grand to butt you from behind.

Some time went by, I wondered why you stopped to say Hello.
You seemed concerned that things weren't right but how was I to know.

Then came the time when things looked sad and I was all but done.
But with your help I'm off again to bask out in the sun.

I hope I have a few more years to see your smiling face.
I feel renewed and walk around with such a quicker pace.

A few new friends that care so much and help me through the day.
If I could talk I'd say how much they're loved in every way.

I know there’ll be a time when this is all a memory.
You’ll talk for years about the times you spent with old Ebe.

You’ve called me Eb, and Sneezer too, I’ve heard you say Barney.
It doesn’t matter I’ll come running when you visit me.

I wonder how things might have been without my friends I love.
It must be part of the Master’s plan so I think the Lord above.

Ebenezer, Ebenezer, what a site to see.
Ebenezer, Ebenezer, as happy as can be.

Randy Phillips (Summer 2011)

April 27, 2011 Letter to Webmaster

My name is Diana. I grew up with Ebenezer. Over the years I had always stopped to see him in his pasture he would put his ears back...do his donkey sound and come running up to me. At first one would think that he was mad but when you got to know him you found out just how wonderful and special he was. I have also taken my children to see him. One day I went to his pasture and found a note saying that he was sick and went to Equine Health Solutions. I immediately called and found out all the information on what was going on with him. To my surprise I had no idea how many other people over the years also stopped at his pasture to see him and give him treats just like me. It was so heart warming to see a community of people help Ebenezer out..a Big THANK YOU to everyone. I put Ebenezer's story on KMBC Ulocal for our community to see how wonderful he was and also how a community came together for a sake of a donkey and to see that he was just not any donkey he had befriended many, many people over the years and was special in his own way to each person. I thought you might want a photo that I took years ago of the young Ebenezer!!

This is also my link to KMBC ulocal:

Have a Great Day!

Ebenezer's Friend Board in His Barn

A Lonely Little Donkey
By Madge Hanrahan

There was a lonely donkey
Along he always stood.
All by himself
In the field and the wood.

There was a little shed
Also lonesome it did stand.
Grey like the donkey
When shelter would demand.

I'd pass by often
Always looking up and down.
I found out his name
Ebenezer was the sound

I met his mom and dad
One day long ago.
They loved him and talked to him
He hated to see them go.

My grandchildren I'd take
They never said no.
With an apple for their friend
To the fence we would go.

Here comes the donkey,
They happily cried,
Braying and running.
then they would hide.

I'm so happy for him
That he's taken care of
He's so lonely by himself.
He needs friends to love.

The cross on his back
His heritage told.
His ancestors long ago
the Christ child did hold.

God's little donkey
Always pleasure to give.
Our prayers go with him,
A good life to live.

Ebenezer is Getting Around Lately - September 2010

Ebenzer the Superhero- August 2010
Lately, Ebenezer has been wearing a mask to keep the flies out of his eyes. It was too good an opportunity to pass up ..


Beavis and Donkey Head - August 2010
Recently, Ebenezer's caretaker, Shirley, was telling me about how Ebenezer sounds like he's doing a Beavis and Butthead laugh when swallowing down his food. Click here to listen to the audio and enjoy the picture below to compound the whole notion ..

May 4, 2010 
Joe- I have a Strange question for you...

My Boss, Dan, is having a birthday coming up on May 11. He has been following the story of Ebenezer and was quite caught up in it. He even donated 50 bucks! My question to you is... might you have a horseshoe that Ebenezer wore that I could give to my boss for a Birthday Present? I know it is silly, but I think he would really like it. Wadaya say?? - Thanks - Anna

In response to this request, I told Anna that I had never seen Ebenezer sport a horseshoe and was likely not going to be a reality. But, I had fetched some old wood from Ebenezer's prior barn and was going to do some paintings of him on them. So, I told her I would do a painting on a primo piece of wood with an old, rusty metal handle. You can see the result below ..

James Tate - Goodtime Jesus (Read this years ago .. reminds me of Ebenezer)
Jesus got up one day a little later than usual. He had been dreaming
so deep there was nothing left in his head. What was it?
A nightmare, dead bodies walking all around him, eyes rolled
back, skin falling off. But he wasn't afraid of that. It was a beautiful
day. How 'bout some coffee? Don't mind if I do. Take a little
ride on my donkey, I love that donkey. Hell, I love everybody.