Donkey facts.

1. Ebenezer will celebrate his 32nd birthday on April 10, 2011. The life span of a donkey is 30-50- years.

2. When it is raining or muddy, he must be inside due to his White Line Disease in his hooves. They must stay dry.

3. His hooves are trimmed every 7 weeks.

4. During the summer, you will see him wearing a fly mask to protect his eyes.

5. He belongs to Benjamin and Victoria Alvarado. They also own this land. They reside in Ruskin.

6. If you see pink stuff on him, it is a fly repellent and wound protector called SWAT.

7. Ebenezer's wild ancestors ate everything that cattle and horses would not, including twigs and dead leaves.

8. To adapt to his bad teeth, Ebenezer learned to swallow food rather than chew it. He is still doing the same thing even though his teeth are better. He can easily choke on his food, which can cause him to aspirate into his lung causing pneumonia.

9. He is being fed a special diet of Purina Equine Senior Horse food morning and evening. It is made into a soft mash with water. The carrots he eats are finely grated and wet down so he can easily swallow them.