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It is with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing of Ebenezer. For all that knew and were lucky to know him, he will never be gone. He’s just not going to physically be in a pasture just a click past Main Street in Downtown Grandview, MO. For nearly 33 years, he gave as much or more love than he received. He cheated death more than once and in all of those second chances, he carried on like nothing happened. Moreover, Ebenezer is the hero in the children’s book that gets to be rightfully immortalized for the rest of our days as we remember an amazing animal. Thanks just isn’t enough for an animal that gave all of us so much .. but for now, it will suffice.

Media Coverage

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Since the passing of Ebenezer on February 12, 2012, there have been a flood of messages sent over to

This will be there home of each and every message from folks all over the world that were moved by Grandview's most famous entity.

From thoughts to memories to a simple thanks, we are poised to keep the memory of Ebenezer alive for decades.


Friends – tonight I crossed over Rainbow Bridge – I am now posting this from a better, safer place for me, one where I am no longer in pain. The past few months have been a real struggle for me with the cold, and my arthritis, and my recent injury. I've lived a great 33 years, and I could not have a better group of friends and family. I will miss all of you dearly, especially Shirley and Randy ...and all my caretakers who have been there every day (3-4 times a day) for me for the past few years. I've told my caretakers before I crossed Rainbow Bridge tonight that I wanted to keep my FB up, as I've got lots of great followers, family, and friends, so they will leave my FB going. I won't be able to communicate from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, but know that I will always be with each and every one of you, every day of your lives.....just listen, and you will hear my bray. I will never forget any of you, and all you did to make my life the best ever. You will be in my heart forever. Peace, my's time for me to rest now....on the other side of Rainbow Bridge...

Forever your friend,
Love, Ebenezer

I miss you so much Ebenezer. I keep going to your website so I can hear you braying. I am so thankful Joe Dimino captured all the videos and sound bites of you. Love you Buddy. Please tell my mom I think of her every day and I miss her. She loved you too.

Randy & I hope people will still drive by Ebenezer's everyday and honk in rememberance of our beloved friend. Our goal now is to have a bronze sculpture done of Ebenezer and talk the City of Grandview into putting it out in front of City Hall since he was the unofficial goodwill ambassador of Grandview. We love you so much Neezer and we were so lucky to have you in our lives. We want your beautiful legacy of unconditional love to go on and on...

Shirley Phillips

I have been going to see Mr. Ebenezer since I was 3 years old…I am now 20. I have always loved animals but I’d have to say that Ebenezer was my favorite. You could just feel his warm spirit whenever you visited him. I know now he that he is in a better place, free from pain and in peace. I want to thank Shirley, Randy, and Joe for all of the good things you did for our special donkey. God bless all of you!

I will never forget you Ebenezer! You will live in my heart forever!

Dillon Price

Hey, Joe!
My son, Shane, and I used to stop often and pet 'Ebby', or just honk as we went by . . . he ALWAYS looked up from grazing :) Thanks for all your work on his website!

Carla Cherry

Gwen Minter

Joyce Herdman

Amanda Jones

Dear Ebenezer,

This was to have been a special weekend for me, as it was to have included what I had hoped would be the first of several visits with you in this new year. I will make my visit to your Grandview pasture on Sunday - and I will continue to visit that special place throughout the year and in the years to come (especially on our shared birthday - our special bond) - but there will be no more opportunities to hug your sweet neck, to touch your sweet face, to blow a kiss to you, to whisper "I love you" in your sweet ear...there will be only a hole in my heart just the size of your sweet soul. I will forever love you...forever miss you...forever remember you.

As you make new friends and greet old ones in your new Heavenly pasture, please let them know that they, too, are forever loved...missed...remembered.

Eb, don't worry about your dear caregivers, especially Shirley and Randy. All who love you will be there for them should they need us. ...and don't worry about your deer friends who stood vigil on your last night with us. I trust that God will protect them...and I will blow kisses their way when I visit. I know that you will greet them with your special bray when it is their time to cross over The Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell for now, dear angel Ebenezer, my sweet old friend. I am grateful that you are no longer in pain. May God in His mercy grant all your friends the privilege of loving you for eternity in Heaven.

Carol Carpenter - Overland Park, KS

My tears won’t stop falling. My son and I have loved Ebenezer for 16 years. We only knew him as “Donkey” until the story about him being sick came out two years ago. We were so happy that he was getting such wonderful care and we have been following all his news stories and videos. My son was so grateful that he got to visit Ebenezer just 2 weeks before he passed.

Thank you Shirley and Randy. We all loved Ebenezer, but you were the ones that saved his life, brought him back to his beautiful home, and took loving care of him every day. I can’t even imagine how much you must miss him. Please keep us all posted on the bronze sculpture. We will never forget Ebenezer and we will see him again someday.

Jill Price

My thoughts in memory of Ebeneezer. Thanks!

As day breaks and I slowly walk to the window I see it’s another gorgeous day. The sun is bright accompanied with a lazy wind, and I can smell oats and apples in the pan.

The dry loose dust softly plumes under each hoof as I mosey over to my favorite cool spot under the spreading tree. I lift my nose into the fragrant breeze . . . and I think I’m feelin’ a bit spry today! Understand it though, I’m never left alone here for too long – ah, I see some of my friends heading this way now; oh good, more caressing and brushing, and maybe even a sweet love-note in the ear.

Now, as you drive by my memorial, realize that my 32-year old bones are resting, and remember how my life here has been every day. Thanks for friends just like you it really was the best. And . . . can you still hear my bray? I know you’ll keep it going on and on!

Ebeneezer, The Donkey by Barbara Spanknoble

For us the greatest was the honor of being able to care for Ebenezer. We looked forward to getting down to the barn every Tuesday morning to feed him. He has brought us so much joy and love. He leaves an empty spot in our hearts but we have many many wonderful memories.
Sam and Anne

I had a 22+ years long love affair with Ebenezer. When I first moved to Grandview in 1989, I didn't know his name so for the longest time I referred to him as Milton Burro. I knew that most equines liked hard mints as a special treat, so I started carrying mints in my car so that if I saw Eb in the pasture, I could stop and give him a mint or two. One day we passed his pasture but had run out of mints so we went to the Quik-Trip on Holmes to get some for him. They were totally out of mints so I got him some butterscotch discs thinking sugar was sugar. Well we got back to Ebenezer and gave him a piece of the butterscotch candy. He crunched down on it and spit it out. So I tried another one. Same reaction. From that day on until he could no longer chew hard candy, I never again tried to give Eb anything but red or green mints. So far, we (my husband Clyde and I) have been unable to drive west on Main Street beyond 2nd street. It just hurts too much. We were pleased and privileged to be among his caregivers. Monday mornings will be forever changed for us because we can't start our week off with Ebenezer. Eb,you will never be forgotten.
Carol & Clyde Hestand

We need to celebrate the life of Ebenezer!
Connie Dorst Kauffman

Just said my goodbye and hung the wreath I made him. :'( RIP my friend. — with Ebenezer TheDonkey.
Amanda Jones

I've been poking around through the tributes and photos and it really is wonderful and marvellous how this little donkey brought so many people together and touched their lives. And it is just as amazing and splendid how a whole city and far flung friends rallied around Ebenezer. As someone who lives far away and only just discovered Ebenezer online, I have to say that the whole thing is awe inspiring. Thank you to everyone involved and thanks especially to Ebenezer, a jewel among donkeys.
Karen Lahey

Rip. I remember seeing you were ill. Prayers for comfort for those not at bridge with you yet.
Shawn Cline

My memorial to Ebenezer TheDonkey ...... it has the remainder of the animal crackers that I had feed him..... Miss you Ebenezer...

DeAnna Johnson

Ellie and I took flowers out to Ebenezer TheDonkey's pasture tonight. It was so sad seeing his signs removed and not hearing his bray as we got out of the car. Rest in peace Ebenezer. You will forever be missed. — with Ebenezer TheDonkey.
Gwen Minter Maxwell

I passed Ebenezer's home several times weekly always looking for him, and stopping once in awhile to pet him. Now when i pass by it will only be memories of the donkey whose ancestors were at the birth of Christ, took Jesus into Egypt, and carried Jesus on Palm Sunday.

I hope a permanent Memorial can be built at his grave so we can visit on both his birthday and when he went to greener pastures I will certainly try to contribute.

And a special thanks to all who cared for him the past few years--they have a special place in heaven surrounded by Ebenezer and his kin.


Brianna Bowers

i wish i had known about Ebenezer before... but i just found out because of his passing. i will be back to hear his greatest hits for sure ;) RIP sweet old man...
Susan Morgan

You will be missed my friend, I would look for you everyday when I drove by your house. Rest in peace
Kim Sobotka Mollhoff

Lindsey Jo Martin

Ebe, miss you already! You will never be forgotten!
Carrie Adams

Pilot Valve

Rest in peace, sweet Ebenezer.
B.j. Sanders

This song's for you, Ebe. Until we meet again.
Rebecca Ehrich

You will be missed, but not forgotten!
Scott Layman

I just found out about his passing. I'm glad that his last few years were filled with happiness that came from caregivers, his new barn, and the kindness of the Grandview community. He will be missed.
Mariah Wagner

Rachel Kauffman

Rest in peace Ebenezer! Sure wish I would have made time to come and see you and feed you carrots! Have fun in Heaven!
Sarah Rouse Thomason

The day after my dad's funeral we needed a pick-me-up to get our minds off our sadness and seeing you was the first thing we thought of doing. It wasn't quite the same without Pops helping the girls feed you carrots, but you made things be...tter and brought a smile to our faces. We're all going to miss seeing you come walking up to the gate when we pull in the drive, but I'm betting if you look around there are a lot of friends with carrots in their hands welcoming you with open arms. Miss you buddy...

Robb Harkey

I am truly saddened I never had the chance to me u old fella. Would u do me a huge favor and check on my heading horse? His name is Mouse. I know u and he will be great friends. When u see him tell him that he is greatly missed here. And please let him know I did everything know to equine medicine to save him. Tell my dad hello also I know he'll be right by his side. RIP my friend and we'll see u again someday.
Shannon Russell

R.I.P. Ebenezer TheDonkey you will be missed. The kids and i will never for get last summer with you

Tammie Taulman Larkworthy

Oh heart is breaking, but you're no longer in pain. God has a special place for you and no doubt you'll have so many new friends in heaven. There will be a new star shining brightly in the sky with your name on it. RIP sweetie.
Karen Cunningham

Terry Dotson

Sad news. our local town mascot, Ebenezer TheDonkey, died last night. His age was estimated to be between 32-40 years which is pretty darn old for a donkey. Our family enjoyed driving past his pasture in the hopes that we would catch a glimpse of him or hear him bray. RIP, Ebe.
Jon Brax

Jackie Bencke

You will be more than missed. Such a handsome donkey you were!! Ive spent 27 years...watching you and getting excitement from you. You will dearly be missed
Lauren Fichman

DeAnna Johnson

My heart is breaking but I have some sweet memories of "my friend" Ebenezer and I know someday those will be what will replace the pain. ♥
Judy Vermillion

The longest living legend in Grandview passed away, Ebenezer TheDonkey, you will be missed.
Tim Walker

I know i never got to really meet you up close Ebs but I always saw you everyday when I came home from school.. I remember when I was really little and got to feed you apples everyday.. You will be greatly missed Ebenezer TheDonkey
Quentin Reeves

grandview is boring now with out him
Josh Foster

R.I.P. Ebenezer!! I will miss driving by your barn. My siblings and I always tried to spot you on our way to church at Coronation of Our Lady. Growing up in Grandview we all knew you! You were the Unofficial Mascot in my opinion!! You will be missed greatly! Sending lots of love and prayers to the Families that took care of you. Thank you! XOXO
Kristin Nichole

How sad! Ebenezer died. Every morning I saw Ebenezer. My mornings will not be the same. You will be missed. :(
Debbie Davis

You will be missed!
Christy Campbell

Oh bless his heart... He will be truley missed. RIP Eb.
Betty Fasl McClenahan

Rip I will miss seeing you when I drive down main st.
Melissa Madison

Thank you Randy and Shirley and all of the people who gave Ebenezer a good life in his golden years. Thanks also to the Kansas City Star who brought the news of him to the wider world. But mainly thanks to little Ebenezer, that old soul, who brought us all so much delight by just being himself.
Rebecca Ehrich

Breaks my heat to heart my long distance neighbor passed on. He'll be missed.
Christopher Church

RIP Ebenezer!!! I loved coming to see you at lunch everyday!!! Lots of jolly ranchers for you in heaven!!!!
Nancy Brown

So sorry to hear the sad news. Rest in peace sweet guy. Thanks for serving as a great friend, healer and confidant. ♥ u!
Julie Noonan

:( oh how sad!!! I grew up in Grandview & often drove by your pasture hoping to see you because you always made me smile. I moved away in 1998 but never forgot about you & was delighted to see you on TV recently. Thank you for the fond memories & now my prayers go to your human family & caretakers. May you find peace & comfort in the passing of your beloved donkey, Ebenezer. Gone but never forgotten!
Missy Shelton

Going to miss you so much, sweet Ebenezer. I saw you many times over the years as my parents and I drove past your pasture. You were absolutely adorable.
Kristín Jónína

So sad to hear you've passed but glad to know you're no longer in pain. You've brought together a community and given thousands of people great joy. Rest in peace.
Monica Trundle

I never thought that I would say that one of my best friends in this world is a donkey. You helped piece together my family's broken hearts after we lost our pets, and you became a part of our family forever. I'll never forget the first time I saw you run and hee-haw and bray... I still have videos of you doing it. There will never be another donkey like you, Ebe. You've been a listenin...g ear for friends and family, a pick-me-up to the lonely and hurting, and a friend for everyone who passes by you're barn. I wish I could have seen you back in the days when you roamed all over your land, going wherever you wanted and getting yourself into all kinds of trouble, but the past few years with you have changed my life and given peace to my family after hard losses. I can't believe you're gone... It's honestly surreal. I guess, I kind of thought you'd live forever. It sucks, because I've only had a few years with you, and it wasn't nearly enough. I don't know what our family would have done without you, Ebe. You've changed us forever. We will miss you, but I can sleep well at night knowing that you are in Heaven with some of my favorite pets, all of you watching over us together. I hope you have fun up there Ebe, and I'll see you again someday buddy.

Until we meet again....

Love you, miss you.
Lindsey Jo Martin

RIP Ebenezer TheDonkey! :(
April McGurgan

Ebe, you are the best donkey I ever knew! You brought so many people together in this world. You will be missed dearly. I know you are watching over us now from above :) miss you
Chris Koch

Rest in Peace Ebenezer! You may be gone but never forgotten.
Joyce Cannon- Ownby

We will all miss him and he will always be in our hearts. Legends of this great creature will live on forever. Anytime anyone is in the area of his domain we will remember him and pass down stories of him to our children.
Vincent Arzola

My furry friend Ebenezer, the almost 33-year-old "Jesus donkey." What a character. I'm glad I got to meet him several times and give him a hug. I wish he could be here to enjoy the upcoming springtime. — with Ebenezer TheDonkey at Ebenezer's Place.
Rachel Kauffman

RIP Ebenezer TheDonkey you will be missed by many. l remember the big teeth smile you would always give almost anybody who passed by. The drive passed your barn will not be the same. You will be missed!!!
Sean Shanahan

I never met you, but I fell in love with you as soon as a friend directed me to your fb page. So glad God put special creatures on earth such as yourself. I want to express my sympathy to your caretakers and I know God smiled each time they performed a service for you. God bless!
Leona Baskett

I am so glad that Matt Cobern, Connie Lamkin and I took the time to go visit him recently. What a cool story he had. It shows there are still good people left in the world to donate their time to make Ebenezer TheDonkey's life a good one!
Kellie Lewis Cobern

Not too many things make me cry...but when I read of Ebenezer's passing...I bawled. Growing up in Grandview, Ebenezer was a local legend...I loved seeing him in his pasture, and I loved catching him on the news. I am sure he is in a very happy place now, running & eating as many carrots he can find....RIP, old friend. You'll be missed.
Sherri Wagner Odell

For Ebenezer's caregivers, thank you for lifting him up and for lifting us up with your unselfish devotion and kindness. I hope the appreciation from Ebe's friends will now lift you up. I saw this and thought of you....."Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10). "Certainly a life without friends makes our sojourn lonely and hard to bear."
Kelly Griffin

Miss you so much buddy! Kiera and I are going to light a candle for you at church this afternoon. Happy Valentines Day!
Amanda Dugan

Ellie and I took flowers out to Ebenezer TheDonkey's pasture tonight. It was so sad seeing his signs removed and not hearing his bray as we got out of the car. Rest in peace Ebenezer. You will forever be missed. — with Ebenezer TheDonkey.
Gwen Minter Maxwell

I wish I had known you Ebenezer ... I was sitting reading all the wonderful articles and tributes and it is obvious you lived a life well loved :-)
Liz Barrett

Bless his heart, may he be at peace. Our family loved seeing him for the 20 years we were in Grandview - we moved in 2009. Everytime we went back that way we went to see him again. Thank you to everyone for helping him so much. Love you, Ebenezer. ♥♥♥
Pat Mura

I'm sure you are overwhelmed with emails but wanted to send my thank
you for all your hard work on this site. I was a big fan of Ebe's
since reading about him in the Kansas City Star. I was there to visit
several times and met some of the many loyals friends and caretakers
he had. It is such a touching story and I am so sad for the loss!

He was a lucky donkey to have so many good friends, caretakers and fans!

Thanks again! Jackie Phelps

My husband came home from work one evening to tell me about this little donkey he had visited. We made plans the next day to go and see him and when we got up to the fence, here comes Ebenezer running at full gallop. The next thing I remember was hearing what sounded like the opening and closing of a rusty gate, only it got louder and louder and he ran up and brayed in our faces with all of his might. I never smelled donkey breath before and it smelled like grass and I noticed he had big, greenish teeth. That was it for me, he had me at the first hello!

I just want to say thank you to Shirley and all of the beautiful people that took such good care of our dear friend.
RIP Ebenezer. I’ll miss you and I hope we meet again.
Susan Mosier

I met Ebenezer about 6 years ago when I worked in Grandview. What a beautiful, precious donkey. So loving, and always glad to see folks with treats. I am so sorry for your loss. He was a special animal that brightened many lives.
Cindi Inman - Greenwood, Missouri

I have lived in Grandview for 30 years. The first time I saw him, I was surprised to see a donkey in Grandview. Then I counted on seeing him. I looked forward to seeing him. He was loved by so many people. I know he was loved by me. I go down that road next to his pasture every day to work. I will surely miss him.
Beverly Shields - Grandview, MO

i won't be able to go past his home for a long time if ever. when i'd pull in he'd come troting over to say hi.
Alice Jones

I never had the pleasure of meeting Ebe in person, but through the articles, website and calendar, I felt as if he was my dear old friend. I placed his calendar in a special place in my kitchen where I could see it clearly. Every day I pet his sweet face and sent him my best. I knew he couldn’t live forever. But when I turned on the news first thing this morning I learned of old Ebe’s passing. I was shocked and saddened beyond belief. This day has been one of shedding many tears over the sweet donkey. I don’t know why, but he sure wormed his way into my heart. I’m still going to keep his calendar up in memory of him.

I want to give a special thanks to Shirley and Randy and to the many others who worked so tirelessly to give Ebe happiness and comfort. They deserve a special gold star. I know they now have an overwelming emptiness .. I didn’t even know him personally, but I do. May our dear Lord give them peace and comfort in the days to come. I know Ebe is in God’s loving arms now and can no longer know any hurt, but will have everlasting PEACE.
I love you, Ebe, Jan Williamson

We have been visiting Ebenezer for years. I love him and am very sad about his passing. The first time I met him he came up to the fence and he let out the loudest bray I have ever heard. It was a nice greeting. I will miss him with all my heart.
Patty Kump

Our family did not get to see him, though we wanted to... all the same, when we found out of his passing....our hearts were broken....May God receive him into the Animal Kingdom of Heaven...Long live the memory of Ebenezer... Be Good and May God Bless
Donald Hessenflow

I grew up with him. My kids grew up with him. I am saddened today and he will be greatly missed, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Tammy Gaffney, Grandview Missouri

I just wanted to let you know that my parents used to bring me to feed ebenezer when I was in jr high. As days went by, I also brought my own son when he was younger, to feed Ebenezer. Ebenezer will be greatly missed. He was most certainly, Grandview's most famous person.
Hugs - Heidi / Belton MO

My husband, Gene, and I moved here 3 years ago from Omaha and were so happy to have found that Ebenezer was our local celebrity We always enjoyed driving by and I would stop to see Ebenezer on nice days when he was out in his pasture. My last visit was about a week ago. He walked right up to the fence and I gave Eb a hug and kiss and told him that he was a good boy and I loved him. I'm so glad I did that! We will be sure to honk when we drive by Ebenezer's barn. He really brought some joy to our lives and the calendar on the wall will be treasured. We'd love to see a statue or some remembrance done by the city of Grandview. Ebenezer was truly one-of-a-kind and his gentle soul will now be with God, and no doubt Ebenezer will be braying and kicking up his heels, free from pain, and eternally content. We'll miss you, Ebenezer.
Christine Royer - Grandview, MO

I'm so sorry to hear of Ebenezer's death. But what a big life he shared with so many! I'm one of those who loved the drive by, following his stories from afar. Thanks for all your efforts to give him a great life. I know you'll miss his sweet presence, but expect his spirit is near.
My best, Dodie

We started visiting Ebenezer when our son Sam was born in 2000. Taking Sam to feed him treats was always a fun outing. We always called him "our burro." Little did we realize many families also claimed his as their own! What a wonderful testiment of the love by one little burro with a huge heart. We will miss seeing "our burro." Happy pastures our friend.
The Hoffman family - Grandview, MO

So sorry to hear about Ebenezer. I know it was comforting to a lot of people that you and your husband showed so much love and care for “Eb”. He was a very lucky donkey.
Brad Stephens - KCTV5

We are the workers who stopped many times over the years to pet and maybe give a snack to mr. Ebenezer. He will be greatly missed. Our sympathy goes to you all.
City of Grandview. Public works. Street division, sewer division

Ebenezer, we already miss you.  You've been the best neighbor!  I still remember, we had just moved into our home, and I was up late painting our kitchen.  I had the windows open, and I heard the strangest noise.  I ran into the other room and told my husband, and he laughed and said, "You've finally heard the famous donkey!"  We've all loved bringing you apples and hugs over the years.  That is going to be one, lonely field from this day forward. 
Love always, The Spencers

I took this picture 2-7-12

Annette Turnbaugh / Annette Turnbaugh Photography
Grandview, MO 64030

We will sorely miss this sweet Grandview icon.
Cheryl Wills

My son called me this morning to tell me the sad news that Ebenezer is no longer standing where we can see him on his acreage just outside the city limits of Grandview. I know he is there in spirit, though.

I am so sad right now that I can’t write my thoughts. I will post my memories later after I gather myself from the shock of his passing.

I want Shirley and Randy Phillips to know that they are true angels. I want to thank them for adopting Ebenezer and for sharing him with everyone. They gave totally of themselves to make his acreage look like heaven here on earth and cared for Ebenezer like he was a little baby. I will never forget what they did for our community and for Ebenezer.

I will write more later when I can compose myself and be able to write something from my heart that describes what Ebenezer meant to me.

Glenda Foster / Grandview, MO 64030

Thank you for sharing. SO many in South KC area, in Grandview, but in many ways around the metro area knew and loved Eb. You have been particularly caring for Eb.

What a blessing God gave Grandview for us to have Ebenezer all these years.

Dr. Ralph Teran, Superintendent of Grandview Schools