2013 Ebenezer Calendars 

The cost is $20 and it can be purchased at May Milling at 606 Main St., Grandview, MO.

It can also be purchased through PayPal.  Anyone that would like it mailed to them would need to E-mail me their PayPal E-mail address at shirleyphillips@kc.rr.com and then I can invoice them for the cost of the calendar and $5.95 shipping.  It will be sent to them Priority Mail. 

All proceeds above the cost of printing will go to donkey rescue groups in the U.S.  The money we raised for calendars last year that wasn't spent on Ebenezer's health care has gone to 4 rescue groups already which totaled over $5,000 and helped Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, San Angelo, TX; Longhopes Donkey Shelter, Bennett, Colorado; Crossroads Donkey Rescue, Dimondale, MI; and Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue, Dansville, MI. We hope to repeat these gifts and add more.



Joe ~
We have some great news. Lindsey Martin, Matt Kochís daughter, received word direct from the Mayorís office in Van Horn, Texas that they will not be holding this event. Another victory in honor of our sweet Ebenezer.
Thanks, - Shirley

Mayor Pro Tem Gilda Morales; Alderperson Mingo Corralez; Alderperson Nuny Morriss; Alderperson Pam Young; and City Administrator Fran Malafronte, 

I am sending this email to you with the utmost disgust and repulsion that I have experienced in my life. 
In the past few years, I have lost some very special pets- 2 dogs and a cat, as well as another extremely special pet that held a very important place in my heart. After I lost my dogs and cat, I found myself extremely lonely and filled with much heartache. My family and I could not afford at the time to adopt another pet, but we all wanted to fill the hole in our hearts left by our losses. At that time, we saw a story in the newspaper about a suffering 30-some year old donkey in Grandview, Missouri. Ebenezer the Donkey.

Do you know what an Ebenezer is as defined in the Bible? It's a holy place of worship. A place for humans to connect with the Lord. That is what Ebenezer was to me, and so much more. He restored happiness and joy in my life, my family's life, and in the lives of people all over Kansas City and the entire country. He became a pet to us. My parents became a pair of his daily caregivers, feeding him, walking him... Loving him. When we first heard about Ebe, the entire community was raising money for veterinary bills to keep him alive. He suffered
White Line Disease in his hooves, rotting in his teeth, and other serious health problems. The community raised thousands of dollars to keep him alive and to help build him a new home on his land. When he came home, he ran wild all over his many acres and hee-hawed at the sight of his new home. It brought tears to our eyes to see him so happy. He restored my heart and gave me great joy. 

Do you even realize the importance God gave donkeys? It was a donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem to give birth to Jesus Christ, the only animal in the Bible to ever be allowed to speak was a donkey, and Jesus rode a donkey into the city where he was eventually crucified, and when the donkey was turned away by the guards that were killing Jesus, the shadow of the cross fell across the back of the donkey and it has been there ever since. Donkeys are clearly a very important creature to the Lord, and for good reason.

This year on February 12th, Ebenezer could no longer fight death, and to my dismay, I had to say goodbye shortly before I drove back to college. It broke my heart, but I know that he will be with my other pets, waiting for us to meet him again. 

I love Ebenezer, and I look at the same calendar that 1,500 other people all over the country look at every day, and I remember the joy and happiness that I received from my time with Eb. People love him... I love him. He was a beautiful creature with a stubborn, ornery, sweet, fun, loving personality. I will remember Ebenezer for the rest of my life, and so will many others. 

I am appalled that you have allowed this torture of donkeys to continue. Look into their eyes... Pet their soft ears... Rub their warm nose...  How can you possibly let someone torture and murder those animals? 

You must do something to stop this. It is cruel and inhumane. It causes extreme damage physically and emotionally to the donkeys, not to mention causing some death as well. You have a say in this; use your power to do the right thing. 

Lindsey Martin


June 21, 2012

Dear Friends ~
Four months ago today our beloved Ebenezer left this Earth to cross the Rainbow Bridge where there would be no more pain.  He fell in his pasture on Sunday, February 5th in a place he had walked a thousand times.  He was in horrible pain and nothing we tried relieved it for a week and finally on Sunday night, February 12th he let Randy and I know that he was ready to go by pressing himself up against the straw bales that lined his barn walls to keep him warm.  I truly believe I will see him again when it is my turn because God has promised to provide us with whatever makes us happiest when we are in Heaven.  And I can tell you that Ebenezer touched my life in a special way that I will never forget and he did make me happy.  I miss him every day. 

Please help honor Ebenezer by helping other donkeys rescued by Peaceful Valley. A balloon payment is due on the facility in Texas. This facility is going to provide many of the healthy donkeys the freedom to roam and live out their lives in peace rather than the agony and neglect many have experienced. Please donate any amount you can spare for the love of the many Ebenezers out there that need our help. 

Peaceful Valley rescues donkeys anywhere in the United States they are asked to go, not just Texas. Mark Meyers is an amazing man who loves donkeys but doesn't take in only donkeys.  When he finds other animals that have been neglected he brings them on home too.

Please go to http://donkeyrescue.donordrive.com/

Click on "Current Campaigns"

Then scroll down and on the left under "Fundraiser Search" enter honor Ebenezer and it will bring up my name.

Click on my name and then you can add your donation by PayPal or Credit Card - donations are tax deductible

My goal is $3300.00 by the end of August - please help me get there by letting your friends and family know about Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

We have sent all but a small portion of Ebenezer's 2012 calendar money to 4 donkey rescue groups.  We do plan on a 2013 Memorial Calendar and all extra funds will be split between additional donkey rescue groups.  The 2013 Calendar will be loaded with as many photos as I can get in it.  We'll do the same thing as last year and sell them at May Milling in Grandview or they can be purchased through PayPal.  My goal is to have them ready by mid-August.  Check Ebe's website at www.ebenezerthedonkey.com for details.

God Bless You - Shirley Phillips


Award Winning Ebenezer Float -
May 5, 2012 Grandview, MO Parade


Ebenezer the Donkey: A Real Fairy Tale Story

A new Ebenezer book as been put together as a PDF download. The book chronicles the journey of Ebenezer through his charmed life. This book is designed to be viewed by fans of all ages to get a concise, picture filled journey through his life.You can view it as a PDF on your PC, iPhone, iPad or any number of eBook readers.
Click here to download or view.

Open Letter from Shirley & Randy to Those That Loved Ebenezer
Ebenezerís Final Farewell Letter

Click here to view pictures of his shrine & final resting spot

May 15, 2010
Ebenezer is the Grand Marshal of the
Harry's Hay Days Parade in Downtown Grandview.
Belvidere Elementary School designed and touted
the float dedicated to Ebenezer.
 Click here to view photos.

May 4, 2010
Please do not feed Ebenezer. Click here to read more.
April 28, 2010
Ebenezer finally comes home.

April 4, 2010

The new Ebenezer shed is coming
together with new sides and a
concrete slab floor.

February 16, 2010
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 thank you letter for a $50.00

February 9, 2010
Click above to view the official
notice by Ebenezer's pasture on
his health and progress