Directions to Visit Ebenezer.

If you would like to visit Ebenezer, you can either click here or on the map below for directions to his pasture located where Main Street and East 129th Street meet in Grandview, Missouri.

PLEASE DO NOT FEED EBENEZER - Click here to read more.

I have lived in Grandview for 10 years. As I drive 129th / Main Street into Grandview, I always see Ebenezer! I have always admired him, but never stopped to visit him even though I have seen lots of people stopped to talk and feed him. When I saw the article in the K C Star last Thursday, I knew then that I HAD to stop and pay a visit. It saddened me that he had been so ill. I took my neighbor children (ages 9, 7 and 4) to visit Eb last evening. We met Randy and Shirley Phillips last night as they were playing, brushing and getting ready to put Eb in his brand new barn. Eb loved that we stopped by to wish him well and he didn't want to go back into his stall when it came time for us to leave because it was getting dark outside! We plan to visit him many more times.
~ Glenda Foster - Grandview, MO